RAK3272 Network Retention with Power Cycle?

Does the RAK3272s always lose network connection when it is power cycled?

I’m using the RAK3272s with AT commands. After successfully JOINing and SENDing data and confirming successful send, after a while of no activity, I power off the RAK3272s. I am using the AT+LPMLVL=2 mode to achieve low power operation between transmissions. Upon reapplying power (after even a brief power down), a check of network join status ( AT+NJS=?) always indicates no network is joined. This need to rejoin causes some delay and additional battery consumption.

Thanks for guidance!

After a power cycle, the RAK3172 has to rejoin the network. It does not save the former network status, AppSKey or NwSKey.

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@beegee thank-you for confirming the impact of power cycle on the RAK3272s.

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