RAK3272 & RAK2245 Configurations


I’m currently in the process of trying to use LoRa for a senior design project. I have a RAK 2245 LoRaWAN Gateway and a RAK3272 WisDuo Node and I’m trying to use with RPI’s with the gateway as a packet forwarder from the internet to the node.

I have the gateway somewhat functional using the RAK2245 firmware and configuring Chirpstack, but I’m lost on how to configure the P2P connection. I know the 3272 needs AT commands so do I have to establish a UART connection to configure and then I2C/SPI to send/receive data?

Edit: I’ve tried referring/using github code such as GitHub - Oliv4945/rak3172-at-lib: Small Python library to play with RAK3172/RAK3272S device flashed with AT firmware but still trying to wrap my head around how to customize the code to my project

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You are talking about LoRaWAN and then you talk about P2P connection. This combination is not possible. Gateways and LoRaWAN servers can only communicate with LoRa nodes using the LoRaWAN protocol. There is no LoRa P2P possible.

RAK3172 AT commands can be found in our Documentation Center

Thanks for your reply, does this mean I need a different node specifically for LoRaWAN? Our project essentially needs a LoRa link for range and then to connect to internet, so either a p2p link with one end connected to internet or some sort of LoRaWAN solution

Thanks again

Edit: When I mentioned p2p I meant a general LoRa connection, I just remembered the 3272 does have a LoRaWAN option when configuring

All our modules (WisDuo and WisBlock) support both LoRa P2P and LoRaWAN.
But gateways are only supporting LoRaWAN. I still don’t understand where you want to implement the LoRa P2P communication. LoRa node to gateway with LoRa P2P is simply not possible.

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been continuing to do some research when I have time. I’m wanting to either configure a RAK3272 with LoRaWAN to be used with the RAK2245 gateway, or use two RAK3272 nodes as a P2P connection. Haven’t been successful in either configuration yet though.

The gateway seems to work, I followed the quickstart guide RAK2245 Pi HAT Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

But then when I follow RAK3272S Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center to connect the 3272 to chirpstack I get event errors when I try to join. I’m using the RAK Serial Port Tool with the RAK DAP from a usb port on my computer to the power/ground and UART pins on 3272.

It could be an issue with my EUI/Keys but as far as I’m aware the values that are configured in the gateway are what I’m sending as parameters for the AT commands. Specifically I’m configuring the DEVEUI and APPKEY with AT commands, I also tried configuring APPEUI although I believe the guide said it wasn’t required for Chirpstack.

Thanks for any feedback

Hello @Dizzy
A few questions

Are the gateway, Chirpstack and the RAK3272 set to the same LoRaWAN region?
Are other modules with LoRaWAN able to connect through the gateway to Chirpstack?
Did you setup the node class the same in Chirpstack and on the RAK3272?

You are correct, Chirpstack ignores the AppEUI, but double check the DevEUI and AppKey.

In your Chirpstack Application, when you got to the device and then open LORAWAN FRAMES,
can you see the JoinRequest?

If you do not see the JoinRequest, then most likely your regional settings are wrong.
If you see the JoinRequest, but no JoinAccept (as shown below), then there is something wrong with the AppKey or the device class.

Double checked gateway region settings (and setting 3272 to band=5 for US915), DevEUI and AppEUI but still getting this join error:

I’m also not getting either join or accept frames:

But when I look at gateway summary it shows it sent and received a frames frames on the 21st when I was testing, in addition to receiving a frame just now, but doesn’t display them under live lorawan frames

Edit: I got a single joined message and both join request/ join accept on gateway application frames, but now its back to join failed immediately after

Can you check that the antenna on the RAK3172 is connected properly?
Can you check that the antenna on the Gateway is connected properly?
What are the RSSI and SNR in the case where the RAK3172 could connect?

How close are the RAK3172 and the gateway? If they are too close (e.g. in the same room) it could be that the signal is too strong and cannot be received.

i’ve noticed that after setting the DEVEUI and Any other Settings, one must reboot the device for the new settings to take effect, i think it might be a bug somewhere… after doing so this will probably work…

here are the things i did when i first countered similar issue:

see if that helps

Hi @JayjJay , ATZ shouldn’t be necessary on the latest RAK3172 FW based on RUI3. That intermittent issue is already fixed on latest RUI3 FW.

My antenna connections have been good, but after moving them further apart I was able to consistently get join/accept requests last night! Thanks for all your help, now i’ve got to figure out how to format send/receive data but thats an issue for another thread if I can’t figure it out on my own.

Thanks again

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