RAK3272S (RAK3172) LoRaP2P RangeTest - Experience and test results


I am currently preparing my first RAK3272S (RAK3172) LoRaP2P RangeTest.

AT communication: PowerShell, a simple Ping Pong script
Antenna: 2-3dBi outdoor
Setting: AT+P2P=?<\r><\n>, AT+P2P=869525000:12:0:0:8:22<\r><\n>, OK<\r><\n>
Surrounding area: urban and suburban

ā†’ Are there already results from similar LoRaP2P RangeTests?

Many thanks and best regards

Welcome to RAK forum @daa792 .

If what you need are RSSI and SNR readings, it should be included on the RX P2P.