RAK415 Product Support


We are using the RAK415 wifi module and have some problem to fix.
But we can not get any help from the RAK company. So, can you give us
some help?

Look forward for your reply! Thanks.

I’m opening this thread on behalf of Jinliang.
Further details will be added as I get more details about this topic.


Hello, we need to get the KC certification for our product based on the RAK415.
We need to get the RAK415 module to the special mode for the test.
But if you guys have the KC certification and report of RAK415, we can use that directly.

So :
1、Can you help provide the KC certification and testing report of RAK415 ?
2、Can you help provide the firmware for KC test ?

Thank you very much!!!

Hello @Jinliang , welcome to the forum.

The RAK415 is no longer in production and it never had KC certification (as far as I know).

I am sorry, but
There is no KC certification or test report available.
There is no firmware for KC test available.

So sorry to hear that.
We have a test firmware. But we have some problems to upgrade the bin file over wifi.
and the problem is :

So would you please tell us how can we transfer the firmware succesfully ?
Or can we have another methord to download the bin file? Such as the uart ?

The bin file is RFTEST_FLASH_V1.0.6 11db.bin. We can transfer the bin file to you guys.

I will ask R&D.
Sending us the file does not help. We do not have these devices anymore.

we are looking forward for your reply. Thanks!!!

Any update on this issue ?

R&D says the only possibility to update is over WiFi.

It is very difficult to get support for this module, because it is 5 years old and no longer produced.

You can try to use a different device (another laptop for example) and try to update over WiFi from there.

I am sorry, but this is the only help I can offer.

I have tried to use other devices. But that is no use.

Can I upgrade the wifi module through uart interface ?

As I already said:

There is nothing I can do.

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