RAK4200 Bootloader flash instructions

We can’t find instructions to load bootloader on RAK4200 using JLINK (There’s no BOOT0 pin explose don the module for serial DFU). Module came with Bootloader v. 3.2.6 but your website only has v.3.2.3. for download.

The firmware Upgrade Tool V1.0 does not work with Bootloader 3.2.6, we had to use Firmware Tool v1.4 but now we want to update our older modules to Boot 3.2.6 so we use the same tool for all modules but is not available for download.

You don’t need to activate BOOT0 - the swdio / swclk / nrst and power are sufficient.

You can download the boot loader from a 3.2.6 device and use it on the older modules.

However, you have to have 3.2.3 if you want to upload release firmware at present - although you’ll have the latest 14beta on your module but we don’t have release notes yet.


Sorry for the late reply.

The latest version will be released soon, but before then if you need it, I can send it to you, and the BootLoader and firmware will be merged together.