RAK4200 Breakout Board @ SF 12 Lora P2P

Issue: Setting Up to use SF12 LoRa P2P

Setup: One node as Transmitter and One node as Receiver (UART control with ESP32)

Server: P2P Method

Details: I am trying to transmit data using SF12 125kHz 4/5 coding rate at 433MHz.
It does response ok once transmit but for receiver side it wont datalog / decode the transmit information such as RSSI, S/N, data lenght and data. What whould be the configuration needed to enable SF12?

Welcome back to forum @Mich0312 ,

I do not have 433mhz to test setup. What is the firmware version of the device?

Assuming you have same settings for both modules:

  1. Can you try using USB-UART converter on both modules then check if they work? (Just to isolate if it is module level issue or on interfacing to the controller ESP32).
  2. Can you try lower spreading factor if it will improve the communication?
  3. Is the module working before? Is there no noticeable physical issue on hardware/antenna?

FW Version

  1. Currently it is mounted with ESP32 and I don’t have any USB-UART converter for RAK4200 direct.
  2. The setup works @ SF 7 (config: 433MHz , SF7, 125kHz & 250 kHz, 4/5 coding rate, 8 preamble length, 20dBm TxPower)
  3. Yes it is working both wired and wireless communication.

Hi @Mich0312 ,

It seems the module and ESP32 communicates well since you said it is working at SF7.

Hmm. Would you be able to test SF12 with the two transceiver far away from one another? It could be that the SF12 setting of the two modules begin near to one another that causes the error on RF transmission/reception.