RAK4200 Error Codes

Issue: Error Codes

Setup: Serial Terminal > Ubuntu 20.4 > USB to UART > RAK4200 Breakout
and NODEMCU ESP8266 > RAK4200 Breakout

Server: TTN

Can send data using ABP to The Things Network.
Can not join with OTTA.
I receive error codes even with a successful send of data (ERROR: 96) and others ERROR: 99 and ERROR 2 (Syntax Error from what I can figure out.)

Can someone please point me in the direction of an error code list for the RAK4200 thanks.


Can you try the serial tool (hidden in the RAK811 section) to sanity check your OTAA join details?

This way you see a response for the mode switch, the three setups and then what happens when you request a join.