RAK4200 evaluation Error 99

Hi, i’m a newbie. I have a gateway( RAK2287 + RPi 4) and a RAK4200 Evaluation board (868Mhz). I want to setup a demo with built-in Lora ChirpStack Server , but when i send ‘at+join’ command, it always responds " error 99". Here is my settup :



And result always is failed,
Anyone can help me, thank you!!

Welcome to RAK @NguyenHoang :slight_smile:

Do you see join uplinks in the gateway traffic? when you send at+join command? How many times did you try to send at+join request? Is it always ERROR: 99 all the time?

If you see uplink join traffic in the gateway but failing, can you try to disable channels not used for join uplinks frequencies by sending this commands:


When you send these, the activated channels will only be channels 0,1 and 2 which are the join frequencies. Then you can try again to at+join.

thanks for your help, I click on this tab but it’s spinning like this

I checked my antennas and I’m sure that it firmly connect

the first time, i set ApEUI is full of zero and the respond is ’ error 82 ’ so I change ApEUI is the same DevEUI but I get error 99 for 10 or … I don’t know… several times

APPEUI can’t be all zero in the RAK4200 so you got error 82.

Did you update the lora channel as I mentioned above? Then if you at+join, there is still no traffic in the gateway Live LoRaWAN Frames?

I did but it’s still error 99
Live LoraWan Frames is spinning, I don’t know what’s matter?

I received this antenna for my gateway

but on the store is this one (same with the end node)

Is that a mistake ?

That PCB antenna should be ok. Do you see the label EU868?

The problem I think is still on the gateway side. The 'Last seen at` status of your gateway is never on the screenshot you sent. Even if you don’t have a device that is transmitting, that should be updating on its own. Are you sure your Gateway ID is correct when you added your gateway?

I copy the ID from " sudo gateway-version" so I think it’s correct. Do I need change GW ID in global_config file? I did not do it because I think local_config overwrite on it?

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