RAK4200 External IDE Support

Is it possible to use the RAK4200 breakout board with something like STM32CubeIDE or STM32CubeMX or even Arduino?

I started a new project using the stm32l071KBUFQFPN as my base, which I believe is the chip used in the breakout board based on schematics. I was able to get stuff like the UART to printout information, so that was successful. However after trying to import the I-CUBE-LRWAN LoRaWAN libraries, using the USE_B_L072Z_LRWAN1 and STM32L073RZ-Nucleo as a template. However, it seems to produce compilation errors and I don’t know if any pins need to be rearranged in the coding yet.

I see on the main RakWireless Github Repository that there are Arduino compatible libraries for other chips but the RAK4200.

Any idea for external IDEs would be helpful. Thank you all and thank you for your past help as well.

Dear Karl,

This is bad news that the RAK4200 unsupport these!

Maybe you can using RAK811!

Best regards!

Why? What is the issue that prevents this. For some projects RUI won’t fit, so this could be an issue!

Hi @applecrusher,
The chip used in RAK4200 is STM32L071 MCU so I see no reason why you won’t be able to program it using STM32CubeMX. You just need to make sure that you use the right pins for the right purpose. You can check the pinout here: https://downloads.rakwireless.com/LoRa/RAK4200/Hardware-Specification/

Programming the initial code and peripherals like I2C and UART aren’t the main problem we are encountering.

The main problem we are having is integrating the I-CUBE-LRWAN, or any LoRaWAN stack into the STM32CubeMX or STM32CubeIDE code generator. For example, we started a project with the stm32l071KBUFQFPN module as my base. We got the UART to work by changing the pin configurations according to the schematics for the RAK4200. However trying to integrate the LoRaWAN stack and trying to compile the code, with the main function executing LoRaWAN initializations, just shows a bunch of cascading errors.

Any help or advice on approach would be greatly appreciated.

I know this isn’t helping, but it’s not just you, ST have managed to make an ugly mess of it all, particularly since they released the STM32CubeIDE but haven’t moved much of the code sample to support it natively, so you end up opening / converting it via an STM4W project which carries over the cruft from other IDE’s as well.

In a kind and loving world, RAK would supply us with a bare bones code base to get started!

I couldn’t agree with you more Nick.

My concern, just for the RAK people, is the fact that we would like to be in control of our code and compilation. If their servers are down and we need to compile something relying on the RUI, we are in trouble. Despite the Murata LoRaWAN chip being significantly more expensive, there are various examples and templates for getting started outside of STM32CubeIDE, and one which we have successfully used. Even if it was an Arduino with some basic examples (I2C,UART), that would be good.

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@applecrusher, you can still consider using an external MCU then use the at commands of RAK4200. It might add few cost though.

As for the RUI, it will surely help you do development fast but if you want to avoid dependency from Rak online compiler, then you really need to use STM32CubeIDE and go on STM32 ecosystem.

Btw, the Rak developers are working hard to simply this process. That’s the idea of the RUI :slight_smile:

Hmmm, a total cost of ownership - or from my perspective, total cost of development - evaluation beckons.