RAK4200 Firmware download

Hi all,

Back in March there was a discussion about AS923 Join Channels and because I’m in New Zealand this is important to me.

For months my RAK4200 Breakout based project has been connecting to TTN reliably.

Couple of weeks ago purchased a RAK4200 EVB to make a more robust setup and found it wouldn’t connect.

After some testing (I initially assumed my code was wrong). I checked the FW versions

“OK V3.2.0.14” then updated to “OK V3.2.0.15”

OK RAK4200 v3.2.0.16

The RAK4200_Latest_Firmware.zip available for download is .15 can’t seem to find .16, what am I missing?


Welcome back to the forum @KiwiBryn

I just got the firmware from our team.

Here’s the version .16 - Dropbox - RAK4200_v3.2.0.16_Boot+App_20210526.hex - Simplify your life

This is the change log:

2021-05-26 v3.2.0.16
1. AS923 adds sub-band support: AS923-1, AS923-2, AS923-3, AS923-4.
   Refer to the following documents for the sub-bands of AS923.
2. Update the default frequency of the following frequency bands: EU433, EU868, KR920.
   Refer to the official region document for default frequencies.

I will update the one on downloads center.

By the way, this module is already EOL. If you are working on a new product, I strongly suggest to move to RAK3172.

Thanks @carlrowan for sorting out the updated FW.

I was fixing a different bug in a RAK4200 library I have wrote back in 2021 and noticed the difference in AS923 support.

The RAK4200 EVB is fairly new, might pay to make the module EoL notice a bit more obvious in the store and docs :slight_smile:

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