RAK4200 Firmware version

Issue: LoRa join credentials are not retained for RAK4200 EU433 modules running firmware version when the RAK4200 module is put into low power mode.

Setup: Six data loggers equipped with RAK4200 EU433 modules. Two of the RAK4200 modules are running firmware, and four are running firmware.

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Details: We have six data loggers equipped with RAK4200 EU433 modules. Two of these modules are running firmware version The other 4 are running firmware version The 2 modules running firmware version can be put into low power mode, and will retain their LoRa join credentials, however the 4 running firmware version do not retain their join credentials after they have been put in low power mode, so that it is necessary to re-join the gateway after they have been put back to regular power mode. Is there a list somewhere of the firmware differences between and On the RAK4200 Firmware page (index - powered by h5ai v0.30.0 (https://larsjung.de/h5ai/)) it looks like the most recent version is It is possible that there is some other logger hardware difference that is responsible for the join credentials being lost in low power mode, and the firmware correlation is just a coincidence, but I was curious to see what any firmware revision notes had to say. Thank you!

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The firmware change logs for RAK4200 can be found here.

I am surprised that you have version All versions of RAK4200 FW should be 3.2.x.x.

Thanks @carlrowan, Iā€™m not sure how we got on 4 of our RAK4200ā€™s either. I think we will try installing on them to see if that changes the behavior.

Turns out the version was being used on RAK4270 boards and the low power mode / joining issue that we have been having is the result of our own different logger board versions. Sorry about the confusion, and thanks for your help!

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