RAK4200 LPWAN Evaluation Board schematics

can you publish schematics for RAL4200 LPWAN Evaluation Board ?
I see schematics here

but it’s not equal to module.

Thanks in advance

As you can see, we only provide RAK4200_EVB_Schematic, can you tell me what you need it for?

Hi, i want see power subsystem in detail so i can use solar panel and add some additional modules with onboard connectors. Also separate usb power (CH340e) from RAK4200 and sensors power.


Pin 20 of the module is used for 3.3V power supply, which directly supplies power to MCU and Lora chip. EVB schematic is all we can offer. I hope I can help you.:grin: :grin: :grin:

Thanks, but looks strange. Why schematics of dev. board is big secret ?

Hi @x893,

Can you send me an email please?
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Hi! I was also interested in finding those diagrams for a project, but it has not been possible to find them anywhere