RAK4200 vs RAK4270 (New product design recommendation)

Dear all,
We are looking at RAK modules for a new product design, and RAK42x0 modules seem a good fit. We have already experimented with 4270, and we are trying to understand if there is any difference from the 4200. The module will be used with an external micro-controller so we need just a UART connection and standard AT commands to control it.
We have also looked at 3172 but this is quite new, so i wonder if this is mature enough.
Any suggestions for a new design are more than welcome!

The RAK4200 and RAK4270 as almost the same in terms of AT commands set since they are based on the same FW core RUI V2.

But RAK4270 uses the latest semtech chip sx1262 and continuous improvements and updates are focused on this rather than RAK4200 which is old and not recommended for new designs.

You can check the difference between RAK4200 and RAK4270 here RAKwireless Documentation Center at item #8.

For your new product/s, I highly suggest you go with RAK4270 or RAK3172.

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Many thanks for the clarifications and the pointer to the FAQ section with the Comparison Table.