RAK4270 Breakout Module Error

Issue:Error 86

Setup:ESP32 Serial Comms with Rak4270 Breakout Module


Details:Error occurs when I acidentally input AT+ command of lora region even it doesnt have yet the lora configuration that I use in The things network. How could I do manual reset of the rak4270 since everytime I input different AT+ command, it will just show me on serial monitor “ERROR 86”

can someone help me this matter? Thank you

Welcome to RAK forum @Mich0312 ,

What are the sequence of commands ESP32 sends to RAK4270? If you manually send these commands to RAK4270, do you still receive ERROR 86?

I still do it manual AT+command.
Method to configure the lora board. I still get error 86

It seems you have issues joining the LoRaWAN network.


There are many reason why this can happen like out of coverage of a working gateway, mismatch EUI/Keys with the network server, wrong regional band or sub-band, poor antenna, etc.