RAK4270H, About the distance of communication





RAK4270 is communicating through P2P.

However, the communication distance is not more than 300 meters.

Please tell me what I need to do to increase the distance.

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Less try to figure out what causes it.

Are you using custom RAK4270 own board or the RAK Dev board?
How is your antenna connection?
Can you see the RSSI and SNR levels when you transmit P2P packet?

rak4270 own board is being used.

Can you tell me how to watch RSSI and SNR?

2022년 9월 7일 (수) 오후 11:32, Carl Rowan via RAKwireless Forum <[email protected]>님이 작성:


You should be able to see the RSSI and SNR levels on the receiver side.


In this example RSSI is -10 and SNR is 6.