RAK4600 design guide


I wonder if there is a design guide for RAK4600?

I’d like to use this module in a custom board but haven’t found a guide with PCB layout recommendations. Other modules (e.g. IMST, Multitech) have a detailed guide in order to ensure that the module will work correctly, does RAK4600 have one?

Dear Nicolas,

Maybe this web can help you!

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Dear @Nicholas,

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately that is not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for some reference design (schematic and layout) for me to use the RAK4600 in my own board (ground pane, power supply capacitors and filters, etc). Is there any file with this? or could I connect RAK4600 module in any way to my custom board?

This may help reassure you that the modules are self-contained PCB’s that you solder on to your PCB and experience instant success:


You’ll see that the EVB & breakout boards have very few support components - if you have a noisy/dirty power supply, then you’ll need to figure out how you want to provide a clean supply.

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@nmcc Thank you for your answer.
I’m used to follow manufacturer recommendations for layout and that’s why I was expecting the same for this module.
So it is a “solder and play”!

Thank you.

Just reading everything ATtiny related for a project to ensure I tick all the boxes - SMD MCU on my PCB design does need a lot of checking but many of these boards are as simple as they look - I’ve made a mess of soldering LoRa radio boards that I think they will never work.

The greatest thing about them is higher minds have done all the tricky bit - we just Lego the systems together!

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