RAK4600 EIRP configuration inquiry


I have a doubt regarding RAK4600’s EIRP configuration.
In this post @velev explains a little about this topic, so EIRP is TX power + cable loss + antenna gain.

Now, until a week ago, the RAK4600’s AT commands manual was like this:

Now it looks like this:

With the new change I have some questions:
If the TXPower index configured in the RAK4600 is less than 5, it means that my actual EIRP (without antenna) is limited to +20dBm? Does this mean that values 0-4 do not have any impact on EIRP configuration?
From TXPower index = 6, my EIRP will start to decrease?

I’ll appreciate any help provided.

You are right on your understanding @nicolasech .

Effect on Tx Power will happen only at TXPower index set to 6.

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