RAK4600 Error 93 Internal state error

Sometimes I’m having problems when transmitting confirmed messages.
If I use unconfirmed messages everything works fines, the RAK4600 doesn’t throw any error. But when I use confirmed messages I receive the 93 error “Internal state error. Generally, the internal state of the protocol stack is wrong”, even if the message is received in the LNS.
This issue doesn’t happen always.

What could trigger the 93 error?

Hi @nicolasech ,

It might be difficult to track the issue if it seldomly happen. The clue that it occurs on confirmed might be helpful to come up with some assumption. The idea I have is maybe something is wrong/off on the downlink MAC commands. ERROR 93 is under protocol stack so MAC related what came first in my mind.

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Hello @carlrowan,
Thanks for your reply.

Indeed it seems related to downlink MAC commands, specifically with the downlink confirmation message. When the FCntDown isn’t synchronized between the server and device, ERROR 93 is shown. If the FCntDown is synchronized then everything is fine.

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