RAK4600 - FCntUp set/read


I was wondering if it is possible to set (and read) the FCntUp value from the AT commands layer? If no, would it be possible to achieve this in any other way, perhaps RUI?

The reason for this is because I want to shut the module completely off during the low power (sleep) periods, and to keep up with the LoRaWAN specification I need to make sure that the current value of FCntUp will be retained even after shutting off the LoRaWAN module.

Thank you for your help.

Assuming you are using OTAA, the more secure of the two connection mechanisms, you’ll need to save the various keys sent during the Join Accept.

As the modules sleep current is so incredibly low, what use case do you have in mind to try something relatively difficult?

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@nmcc Thank you for your answer.
Actually, I was thinking of using ABP activation but you are right, it is better to use OTAA, so disconnecting the module wouldn’t be desirable.

My whole custom board in low power mode consumes 7uA, so I wanted to disconnect the module from power because I wanted to save those 13uA of current consumption from the RAK4600, but now it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Anyway, it is possible to set the FCntUp value manually?

Hi @nicolasech ,

On the side of the device RAK4600, there is no way you can set the FCntUp using the default RAK firmware. On the network server side, it depends on what you are using. For TTN, that should be possible via CLI.

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