RAK4600 MAC commands - DevStatusReq and DevStatusAns

I’m looking to implement the DevStatusReq MAC command in the RAK4600, would it be possible?
What I want is to see the battery level directly in the LoRaWAN server (in this case, LORIOT) besides seeing it in my application server layer (I send the battery level in every message’s payload).

Does the RAK4600 already make this automatically and answers DevStatusAns with a default value?

If this can be done directly from the AT command layer, by sending a message through port 0, what should I send in the margin field?

Thank you.

Apparently, the RAK4600 doesn’t support at+send=lora: with port = 0, so MAC commands from the AT command layer isn’t a possibility now :pensive:

Hi @nicolasech ,

It seems you have no option here for the battery but to send it as part of the payload.

Btw, what value do you see on the network server when you do DevStatusReq? Is it 255?

@carlrowan Thanks for your answer.
Regarding the battery value for RAK4600, the network server shows “Unknown” (not an actual value), I guess it represents the 255 value.

Perhaps the RAK3172 will allow forwarding MAC commands to the application layer?

Thanks @nicolasech .

Regarding RAK3172, on the current FW version, it is still not supported.

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The RAK3172 has a different firmware compared to RAK4600 and other WisDuo. So it is possible to include MAC commands in the future but for now, it is not included.

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Hi @nicolasech
RAK4600 is a LoRa module and does not specify a battery voltage detection pin. Therefore, when the DevStatusReq command is processed, a fixed value of 255 is returned, which means no measurement available.

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