RAK4600_V3.0.0.8.hex source

Is the source code for the hex RAK4600_V3.0.0.8 available? I was able to power up the module. Connect it to an nRF52 DK, and the UART to connect it to my lora network server. I also was able to communicate to the module via BLE phone app. My next step is to customize the firmware and I want to see how the existing firmware is structured.

You can check here https://github.com/RAKWireless/Products_practice_based_on_RUI

Is it possible to do offline compiling? I don’t see a rui.c file in your github examples. I am working with your module to put some proprietary software on it and I want to upload it to a website to compile it. I am assuming if I have the rui.c file I can reverse engine the LoRa commands I need.

Hi @bvesperman,

rui.c is a common header file for all examples.
So it is place in a common folder:

Just copy it into your Application project folder.

That file is rui.h. I’m looking for rui.c

That file is rui.h. I’m looking for rui.c

Brian V

Oh, sorry, i read it wrong. :wink:
But rui.c can’t be found because it is a file of RUI core SDK.
If you want to customize your own AT commands, the default AT commands have been opened source in the example source code, and you can do customization based RUI API according to these API’s return value.