RAK4600 which IPEX connector is which?

Issue: I can’t find in the documentation which IPEX connector is for LoRa and which is for BLE. Please could someone point me to the relevant file/document. Thanks :slight_smile:

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This is all I can find:

‘Both are utilizing an IPEX connector, where one is for the LoRa® antenna and the other for the BLE.’


:warning: WARNING

Before powering the RAK4600 Breakout Module, make sure you have installed the included LoRa and BLE antennas. Not doing so might damage the board.

It’s that warning that is preventing me from just trying it at random!

Hello @mtbspace! :wave:t2:

The graphic illustration below will help you to determine each IPEX connector.


Regarding the antennas, the pig-tail antenna is the LoRa antenna, and the one that has cable on its top is the BLE antenna.

Hope this helps! :smile:

Maria H.

Thank you :+1: Todor in support also helped me. It it in the documentation for the evaluation board:


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