RAK4630/4631 available I2C port

As shown in the RAK4630 IO Pins and Peripherals, there are two I2C connection available, which are P0.13, P0.14 for I2C and P0.2, P0.25 for I2C_2. However, in the example, we only have Wire, which I assume is assigned to P0.13, P0.14 I2C. How can I access the another I2C_2? Can both I2C be used at the same time? If I do not use I2C_2, can I use those 2 pins and GPIO for input/output?


RUI3 is only supporting I2C_1 at the moment on these pins:

#define WB_I2C1_SDA            P0_13//13
#define WB_I2C1_SCL            P0_14//14

You can use the other two GPIO’s as generic IO’s

@beegee Thanks for the clarification, is RUI3 I2C_2 support on the road map for RAK4630?

I have to check with the RUI3 R&D team, not sure at the moment.

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