RAK4630/4631 SPI pin assigment

Hi there, from the Hardware Setup of the RAK4630 documentation, it shows we have a QSPI interface. However, in my application, I would like to connect the module (RAK4630) to a standard SPI devices, which require the following pins: MOSI, MISO, CLK and CS, which is different from QSPI.

Does RAK4630 support standard SPI interface? If yes, what is the pin assigned for the connection? Also, if I do not need to use the QSPI, can I use those pins and standard GPIO?

Also, I think the documentation is missing SPI/QSPI example in the RAK4630 IO Pins and Peripherals section


SPI is supported.
Pins are

#define WB_SPI_CS              P0_26//26         
#define WB_SPI_CLK             P0_03//3          
#define WB_SPI_MISO            P0_29//29         
#define WB_SPI_MOSI            P0_30//30         

As SPI is using standard Arduino SPI API commands, we didn’t provide any examples for it.

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