Rak4630 Appears as wisblock rak4631 instead of wisblock core rak4631

Hello,so I have a rak4631, with the most recent bootloarder ,
The board is first recognized on arduino as rak4631 instead of wisblock core rak4631(Im saying this because this is the second board i have and the other one appears as wisblock core rak4631).

Also when i change it to wisblock core rak4631 it gives me error when im uploading to it.

Hello Vasco,

The RAK4631 is available in 2 versions

  • WisBlock RAK4631 ==> With open source Arduino BSP bootloader
  • WisBlock Core RAK4631 Board ==> With RUI3 bootloader

The two need two different Arduino BSP. Depending on which one you want to use, you need the correct bootloader on the device.

Here are the guides to change the bootloaders:

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