RAK4630 AWS Sidewalk Example

I noticed this newish repository at GitHub - RAKWireless/RAK4630-Amazon-Sidewalk-Example: Example code for Sidewalk application on the RAK4630/RAK4631. Based on the name, I expected it to contain a sample for connecting RAK4630 to AWS Sidewalk. However, there is just a readme/license with no code. Are there plans to create a full AWS sidewalk example?

Work in progress, coming soon. To get a notification, please go to our RAK website and scroll down to the subscription of our newsletter:

Very exciting, I look forward to it! Let me know if you need anyone to help test; I have a number of RAK4631 modules I’m using for utility metering and asset tracking and I’m in an area with good sidewalk coverage.

Any order of magnitude estimate on ETA? Do you think it will be weeks, months, longer before the sample is ready? I know you’re very busy; just looking for a rough timeline for planning purposes.

Let me discuss internally. The process to get a Sidewalk device up and running is a little bit rough still and there is no documentation published how to compile and use the example code.