RAK4630 bricked?


I’ve been playing around with the RAK4631 module on top of the base. Up until now things have been ok, but i just uploaded some new code and now i think it’s bricked.

Whenever i plug it in, it doesn’t recognize USB at all. All that happens is the green led blinks two times and then the blue led is on permanently.
I’ve seen a few posts that are related to USB not working/connecting and that being a windows driver problem. I’m on linux and the thing connected fine, i uploaded new code (via platformio) and after that it didn’t work anymore.
Code can be found here: https://github.com/cyclops1982/RAK11300ArduinoExample/tree/RAK4630

I’ve tried to connect my PicoProbe to flash it with pyocd, but that also didn’t work.

Is there another way to hard-reset this device?


DFU Mode on 4360 with 5005 - #2 by beegee solved it.

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