RAK4630 schematic


As i have some issues with SX126x-Arduino library, I would like to try to use lmic, but i can’t find any schematic of RAK4630. I only searched in SX126x-Arduino lib and found this informations :

SPIClass SPI_LORA(NRF_SPIM2, 45, 43, 44);

 // _hwConfig.CHIP_TYPE = SX1262;      // Chip type, SX1261 or SX1262
  _hwConfig.PIN_LORA_RESET = 38;       // LORA RESET
  _hwConfig.PIN_LORA_NSS = 42;       // LORA SPI CS
  _hwConfig.PIN_LORA_SCLK = 43;      // LORA SPI CLK
  _hwConfig.PIN_LORA_MISO = 45;      // LORA SPI MISO
  _hwConfig.PIN_LORA_DIO_1 = 47;       // LORA DIO_1
  _hwConfig.PIN_LORA_BUSY = 46;      // LORA SPI BUSY
  _hwConfig.PIN_LORA_MOSI = 44;      // LORA SPI MOSI
  _hwConfig.RADIO_TXEN = 39;         // LORA ANTENNA TX ENABLE (e.g. eByte E22 module)
  _hwConfig.RADIO_RXEN = 37;         // LORA ANTENNA RX ENABLE (e.g. eByte E22 module)
  _hwConfig.USE_DIO2_ANT_SWITCH = true;  // LORA DIO2 controls antenna
  _hwConfig.USE_DIO3_TCXO = true;      // LORA DIO3 controls oscillator voltage (e.g. eByte E22 module)
  _hwConfig.USE_DIO3_ANT_SWITCH = false; // LORA DIO3 controls antenna (e.g. Insight SIP ISP4520 module)
  _hwConfig.USE_RXEN_ANT_PWR = true;     // RXEN is used as power for antenna switch

Buts it’s a bit confusing : no DIO0, or DIO2 or DIO3 … And I can’t find any schematic ib documentation.


LMiC does not support the sx126x, only the sx1272/1276.

The pin signals and even more registers used by the two chip families are very different.

I believe your “generic” option for this platform would be semtech’s loramac-node but you’d have to come up with all the nrf support yourself.

Arf yes I did not see this important detail ^^’

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