RAK4630 software installation error

Hi. I am using RAK4630 WisBlock. I want to use the RUI3 version, I do the steps in the explanation on the site, but when I try to insert the software into the module, I get an error like this.

Hi @hans11

I moved your question to the correct forum section.

Did you update the bootloader of the RAK4631? Update
Did you install the RUI3 BSP’s?
Did you select the RAK4631from the RUI nRF Modules section?

Thanks for your efforts. I am getting such an error.

When is this error shown? Is this the first step in the guide?

In the first step of the guide, you have to choose the correct COM port

I chose the right port, there is no problem with the version of the card, on another computer, the program is thrown to the card without any problems. I think there is a problem with the compiler. While there are RAK4630 and RAK4631 options in the card manager on the other computer, there is only one option on my computer. Card code RAK5005-O V1.0.