RAK4630 TimerSetValue uint32_t not working

I am using the RAK4631 with the Arduino IDE (2.3.3).

I am trying to process a downlink message to change the interval. When I change LORAWAN_APP_INTERVAL to a uint32_t the last message I see is Sending frame now…

What type should I be using for the TimerSetValue?

Also is there a way to write that to flash so I do not have to send a downlink message everytime the device comes online?

Welcome to the forum @haberle

What exact code are you using?

Thank you for the response.

I am mostly using the Enviromental_Monitoring from WisBlock Kit 4 along with the Arduino IDE 2.3.3. I also attached 3ghz motion IO sensor and pulled the code in from that example.
I was able to solve the problem by making the LORAWAN_APP_INTERVAL a static uint32_t. When it was not static it would stop once it attempted to send the first message.

On the writing to flash question I am going to open a new topic.

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