RAK4630 - TxParamSetupAns in every transmission

I’m using a RAK4630 with the AT commands. The LNS is configured to send a TxParamSetupReq for setting the UplinkDwellTime=0 after an OTAA join, after that, the RAK4630 sends a TxParamSetupAns in every transmission (which is 5 minutes for my test).
Is this behavior normal? Shouldn’t the RAK4630 transmit the TxParamSetupAns only once?

This image is from the LNS, which is a MAC commands log and shows the TxParamSetupReq:

This other image is from the most recent transmissions and shows that the RAK4630 has transmitted a TxParamSetupAns in every transmission.

Some extra information:
The FCntUp is incrementing normally.

After some investigation, it seems to be normal to avoid the situation described in here:

Hi @nicolasech ,

Does this mean that TxParamSetupAns was lost so it was repeated continuously (like the sticky implementation)?

When you restart the module, is there any improvement?