RAK4630 Void Loop - Timer İnterrupt for period

Hello, I want to this: My system will work in a period, my loop section has a period with millis() function. But it didn’t work. I want to this system with timer interrupt. Can you give me a Timer İnterrupt codes for RAK4630. When I use example timer interrupt code for arduino, it’s not work.
Please help this subject…

Hi @yohyaVv
Can you share your code? I don’t understand what is not working there.

For RAK4630, you can use the SoftwareTimer Class to trigger a function to run in a specified interval.

Here is a simple example how to use it:

 This is an example for our nRF52 based Bluefruit LE modules
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 MIT license, check LICENSE for more information
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 any redistribution
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Adafruit_TinyUSB.h> // for Serial

/* SoftwareTimer is a helper class that uses FreeRTOS software timer
 * to invoke callback. Its periodic timing is flexible as opposed to
 * hardware timer and cannot be faster than rtos's tick which is configured
 * at  ~1 ms interval.
 * If you need an strict interval timing, or faster frequency, check out
 * the hw_systick sketch example that use hardware systick timer.
 * http://www.freertos.org/RTOS-software-timer.html
SoftwareTimer blinkTimer;

void setup()
  // Configure the timer with 1000 ms interval, with our callback
  blinkTimer.begin(1000, blink_timer_callback);

  // Start the timer

void loop()
  // do nothing here

 * Software Timer callback is invoked via a built-in FreeRTOS thread with
 * minimal stack size. Therefore it should be as simple as possible. If
 * a periodically heavy task is needed, please use Scheduler.startLoop() to
 * create a dedicated task for it.
 * More information http://www.freertos.org/RTOS-software-timer.html
void blink_timer_callback(TimerHandle_t xTimerID)
  // freeRTOS timer ID, ignored if not used
  (void) xTimerID;