RAK4630 with meshtastic FW stops communicating after few minutes

Hi all,

I want to build a LORA mesh in Germany for communication purpose. We are looking for a good technology for 2-3 router. The WisBlock with RAK4630 was recommended, I got two and started the power measurements. All looks good, the consumption seems to be below 5mA, much better than the T-Beam.

For setting the RAK4630 up I did the following steps: installed newest Meshtastic firmware (firmware-rak4631_5005-1.2.59.d81c1c0.uf2) by dropping it into the finder window of the device, pairing device to Android meshtastic app, changing name of device, setting the channel to that I used with my T-beams.

My problem is the following, when started the first time after these settings, the communication with another Android phone (connected to a t-beam) worked fine, all messages were received and I was able to send messages, all as expected. But after several minutes, the device is still visible and can be connected via BL, but no messages go through. I restarted device, no effect. I also newly installed the meshtastic firmware, no effect.

I read out the settings (which I haven’t changed) via CLI, maybe this might help you to see the problem:

Owner: Router_ba46 (Rtr)

Preferences: { “positionBroadcastSecs”: 240, “sendOwnerInterval”: 15, “phoneTimeoutSecs”: 900, “lsSecs”: 300, “region”: “EU865”, “locationShare”: “LocEnabled”, “gpsUpdateInterval”: 240, “positionFlags”: 35, “isAlwaysPowered”: true }

Does anyone know, what the cause of this problem might be? Hope it is only a bad setting, maybe go for sleep forever after 300 seconds, or something like this…

Best, Christian

Welcome to the forum @CHAUPTMA

As much as I want to help you with your problem, Meshtastic is not developed by us. We just offer the hardware. You might get easier help in the Meshtastic forum.

As you said, the communication between the phone and the WisBlock still works, I don’t think it is a hardware problem.