RAK4631 BLE coded phy scanner / observer

Hi All !

I am new to RAK4631 , can you please tell me that is there any example related to BLE CODED PHY scanner ?. I want to scan the beacon messages sent by NRF52833.

Thanks in Advance !

Hello @iamcalledusman

Not sure if this is what you are looking for. But in the BLE examples of the RAK nRF52 BSP is a BLE scanner example.

Hello @beegee

Thanks for the response ! I will test it and update on forum .

@iamcalledusman how did your SX1262-ESP32 Class B testing with the SX126x-Arduino library go. I remember you started some testing in February.


waho ! You have great memory !

I tested Class A using SX126x-Arduino, there was the small issue regarding packet size . Which you resolved in new release . unfortunately! i am unable to test because of client requirement changed . As for class B using SX126x-Arduino is concerned , what i understand is that class B full features are not implemented . One was the variable Rx slot controlled by the gateway.

Thank You for the support you did so for me !

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