RAK4631 BLE coded phy Transmitter

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I am new to RAK4631 , can you please tell me that is there any example related to BLE CODED PHY transmitter @ s=8 / 125kpbs ?. I want to send the beacon messages to another RAK4631/NRF52840.

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There is a beacon example as well in the examples:

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i tested this by sending beacons from the rak4631 and received the beacons by the nrf52833/40 .By setting the nrf52833/40 FW for BLE 5 (1 mbps phy ) . Able to see the beacons but when i set it to coded phy unable to see the beacons . Means its not coded phy . Can you please help me in this regard to change it to (BLE CODED PHY ) from the library setting or from any other available option . Thank you again for your prompt response and help!

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I am sorry, but I do not know much about the Bluefruit52Lib as it is coming from Adafruit.
But I am afraid it is not supported (yet) => Adafruit nRF52 issues

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I will look into it in more detail .

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Thank you again ! is there any solution in your mind regarding this . because this is the basic project requirement to move from evolution to porotype. Without this its impossible to move forward .

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Muhammad Usman

This is a good reference. https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/nordic/nordic-blog/b/blog/posts/testing-long-range-coded-phy-with-nordic-solution-it-simply-works-922075585

They posted the code and the compiled .hex file. But this is not Arduino way. They use Nordic SDK and Keil IDE.

Hi @Carlrowan
Thank you for your response ! I have tested this code with Nordic Semiconductors nRF52840 . It worked well . I have a confusion that , can i use same code with RAK4631 ? as it also has the same SOC nRF52840 ? Rak4631 development is supported by arduino/vs code but nRF52840 is supported by Keil/Segger IDE ? Any suggestion that how to use code of keil / segger to Arduino /VScode IDE ?

is there any link which can help me to solve the issue
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