Rak4631 Bluetooth Led blinking need to stop it

I am using RAK4631 in Arduino BSP. i am using both Bluetooth and Lora. Everything works fine but i am facing a issue that while using Bluetooth the LED1 Pin in Rak get Toggles before the Bluetooth got connected and the pin remains HIGH when bluetooth is connected. Is this Pin is inbuilt connected to the bluetooth to show the connection establishment or this is some kind of backend code.

i need to use this gpio for some purpose as output.
i need to free the gpio pin (LED1) from the Bluetooth.
is there any way to do it?

The blinking of the blue LED is controlled by the BLE stack.
You can change it with Bluefruit.autoConnLed(false); in the BLE setup.

Thanks Sir, it worked the blue led blink is fixed.

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