RAK4631 Bluetooth Scan fails to detect my beacons sometimes

I am using the RAK4631 to detect BLE Beacons from Mikrotik, model TG-BT5-OUT configured as EddyStone UID Tags.
This same setup I have used before with ESP32 boards and it has worked always well, no issues.

Now I am trying to replicate same setup with RAK4631 but the BLE Scan example fails to detect the Beacon or it detects only one fo the two beacons or none of the at all.

I have two beacons active, the one with the 10 number and the one with the 16 number.
In the phone I can see both with nrf Connect.

It is detecting the one with the 10 only and not the other.
If I load the script again, not doing or changing anything, it maybe detect the other or both or none…

[NOTE] Also, stability is not been good, it hangs often, the blue led stops and I need to restart. [NOTE]
Stability issues was a printbuffer just above lora_sent function…

I cannot post all the photos doe to been new to the forum.

Just closing from my side, the issue was the “scan Window” and “Interval”.
due the scan window and interval it could be that the tag TX the frame in the moment the device was in “waiting interval” so it was not detected.
Now it is working as it should.