RAK4631 - current bootloader version?

Is this the latest version of the bootloader?

UF2 Bootloader 0.3.2-109-gd6b28e6-dirty lib/nrfx (v2.0.0) lib/tinyusb (0.6.0-272-g4e6aa0d8) lib/uf2 (heads/master)
Model: Adafruit Feather nRF52840 Express
Board-ID: nRF52840-Feather-revD
SoftDevice: S140 version 6.1.1
Date: Jun 16 2020

Where can we look to learn if we’re using the latest version? (for future reference)

Latest Bootloader is always here: WisBlock/bootloader/RAK4630/new at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub

Here Updated bootloader for RAK4631 - #4 by beegee you can see how to check the bootloader is up-to-date.

But June 2020 is definitely NOT the latest one.

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The USB instructions worked like a charm - INFO_UF2.TXT now reports:

UF2 Bootloader 0.4.1-13-g5e6690e-dirty lib/nrfx (v2.0.0) lib/tinyusb (0.9.0-22-g7cdeed54) lib/uf2 (remotes/origin/configupdate-9-gadbb8c7)
Model: WisBlock RAK4631 Board
Board-ID: WisBlock-RAK4631-Board
SoftDevice: S140 version 6.1.1
Date: Mar 31 2021

The green LED is slowly “throbbing” - am I to assume this is a good sign?

@beegee A follow-on question: Now the Arduino IDE Tools->Bootloader shows “0.3.2 SoftDevice: S140 version 6.1.1”. I’m guessing I should update that to 0.4.1? If my guess is correct, any pointers to a FAQ/Blog with instructions?

That is just text, that we forgot to update in the BSP. Thanks for pointing to it, we will change it.

Right now the bootloader cannot be updated directly from Arduino IDE.

There are three options to update the bootloader. You can find the tutorials in our Documentation Center => RAK4631 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center


Sorry I forgot to comment on

The green LED is slowly “throbbing” - am I to assume this is a good sign?

When the bootloader is updated, the existing application in the Flash is erased. On the next reset the device will stay in DFU mode and showing the “throbbing” green LED.

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