RAK4631 Low Power LoRaWAN Example Rx Windows

I’m using the latest RAK4631 LoRaWAN Deep Sleep demo with v2.0.0 Sx126x-Arduino LoraWAN library and have noticed that instead of 2 Rx windows 1 second after the uplink I get one long 4 second Rx window.

as compared to an elsys EMS LoRaWAN sensor on the same Chirpstack network server through the same gateway which clearly shows 2 rx windows (won’t let me post the picture!).

My region is EU868, ADR is off, I’m on SF7.

Is there a setting I’ve missed or is this a bug/omission?

I’d like to get the 2 rx windows in order to save a little more power.

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Here’s the Elsys EMS Mini Sensor showing its uplink followed by 2 separate Rx Windows:

It is a problem inside the SX126x-Arduino library. The RX stays active from beginning of RX1 to the end of RX2.
It is a known problem and we are working on a solution.

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