I have donwloaded this from Github:

I have installed the source in Platform IO; changed the device EUI, the OTAA keys and the region to EU868 (on the lmh_init call).
It compile OK and uploads to the device OK.
IT attempts to join Chirpstack and this request reaches there:

        "uplinkMetaData": {
            "rxInfo": [
                    "gatewayID": "3KYy//7ejfk=",
                    "time": "2021-05-24T09:35:22.447491Z",
                    "timeSinceGPSEpoch": "1305884141.447s",
                    "rssi": -29,
                    "loRaSNR": 10.5,
                    "channel": 2,
                    "rfChain": 1,
                    "board": 0,
                    "antenna": 0,
                    "location": {
                        "latitude": 52.90279,
                        "longitude": -2.7164,
                        "altitude": 112,
                        "source": "UNKNOWN",
                        "accuracy": 0
                    "fineTimestampType": "NONE",
                    "context": "6g5p7A==",
                    "uplinkID": "JIpTJxiIS1iR2pn5d22+Ug==",
                    "crcStatus": "CRC_OK"
            "txInfo": {
                "frequency": 868500000,
                "modulation": "LORA",
                "loRaModulationInfo": {
                    "bandwidth": 125,
                    "spreadingFactor": 8,
                    "codeRate": "4/5",
                    "polarizationInversion": false
        "phyPayload": {
            "mhdr": {
                "mType": "JoinRequest",
                "major": "LoRaWANR1"
            "macPayload": {
                "joinEUI": "70b3d57ed00201e1",
                "devEUI": "ac1f09fffe04615e",
                "devNonce": 38102
            "mic": "559c7777"

But the chirpstack does not reply - so the join doesn’t complete.
I expect I’m doing something stupid, but I can’t work out what.


Sorry for reformatting your post, but it was difficult to read.

On Chirpstack, do you have created an application and do you have added the device?

This tutorial is not for WisBlock, but it shows the principle steps (on Chirpstack) you have to do to register the device in an LoRaWAN server application.

thanks for replying
Yes, the device is already set up from previous tests I was doing.
I have just tried it again, but rather than looking at the LORAWAN packets I looked at the device data and discovered this (6 times):
“type”: “error”,
“payload”: {
“applicationID”: “2”,
“applicationName”: “app”,
“deviceName”: “Tracker-2”,
“devEUI”: “rB8J//4EYV4=”,
“type”: “OTAA”,
“error”: “join-server returned error: response error, code: MICFailed, description: invalid mic”,
“fCnt”: 0,
“tags”: {}

Apparently I have an invalid mic??? I have no idea what it means by this.


Found the problem.
Finger trouble entering the OTAA key
Sorry for wasting your time

Thanks again

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