RAK4631 on Apple M2 - not find in /dev

RAK4631 Arduino BSP
Unable check firmware but The problem occurs on all 10 devices I have
Computer with MacOS - Sonoma 14.3 The problem also occurs on earlier versions of the system

Each time I connect the device to the USB port, the system does not show the CU.USBMODEM device. After a full restart of the computer, the device is visible for a few seconds and then disappears. Any further steps (Arduino, make, or other techniques) will probably be possible after solving this problem.
ARDUINO IDE - it is installed and configured - of course it does not see the device either.
I’m guessing that some driver is missing… the question is which one.

Welcome to RAK forum @masterlord65 ,

I have no Apple M2 to test but it seems the driver is being restricted to execute when it shows then disappear. Added to that is that it happens to all modules. If you double click reset button, does anything happen (assuming you are using WisBlock Baseboard)?

Few ideas I have:

  1. Install Arduino Legacy 1.8.x if you have the latest Arduino 2.x and see if it has any effect.
  2. Check if macos folder is present and has the nrfutil inside it. This should be in your Arduino installation.

  1. Try different USB cable and USB port. You can also try to remove any USB peripherals and only connect the solely the RAK4631 board.
  2. Maybe check the bootloader version using Windows PC (if available), then update the bootloader if it is not the latest one - RAK4631 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Another thing worth to try.

Install the BSP for the Adafruit nRF52 ==> GitHub - adafruit/Adafruit_nRF52_Arduino: Adafruit code for the Nordic nRF52 BLE SoC on Arduino