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I am currently engaged in a project that involves working with the RAK4631 Arduino. While exploring the topic, I have encountered a few questions for which I couldn’t find answers on the website.

  1. I am curious to know the primary differences between the RAK4631 Arduino and the RAK4631-R RUI3.
  2. Additionally, I noticed that my RAK4631 device is labeled as RAK4630. I would like to understand if this indicates an evolution or if there is another explanation for it.

Any insights or clarification regarding these matters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @Benja_C

  1. see my table:

  2. RAK4630 is the WisDuo stamp module used on a RAK4631 PCB to be used as a WisBlock Core module:

Turn the core module around and you can see the RAK4631 Silk Print on the bottom

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