RAK4631-R + Battery ER26500-FT

Hello @beegee,

Can you help me with the following question?

The ER26500-FT battery can be used with the RAK4631-R. I understand that to program the device via USB the battery must be disconnected.

but this battery is 3.6V and according to the datasheet the batteries should be from 3.7 to 4.2.

Or if you can tell me what model of non-rechargeable battery I can use?

Best Regards

The WisBlock voltage regulator is designed for a minimum input voltage of 3.7V.

Using a battery with a lower voltage can work (down to 3.3V), but when I tried it (not a real deep test), I got an excessive current consumption.

You can try to connect the battery to the solar connector, which leaves your USB port available for programming and debugging. But still at voltage below 3.7V you might experience higher consumption.