RAK4631 + rak19007 + rak5860 deep sleep

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  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631, RAK19007, RAK5860, + fram modeule and RTC module

Using Arduino BSP how do I put the RAK4631 to sleep? I need it to wake on a timer or an external interrupt.

I read in another post that the lora modeule had to be initialised to allow the MCU to go to sleep:

|  |// We are not using LoRa here|
||// But to keep power consumption low we need|
||// to initialize the radio|
||// And send it to sleep mode|

However, I find I am still using 9.4mA at idle and using delay or semaphores dont make a difference

As long as you do not use FreeRTOS functions and let the device run endless in your loop() function you will never get the power down.

I am using semaphores to wake up the device based on timer or external interrupts. Have a look into my Low-Power code example.

The timer-controlled wake-up from deep sleep is one part.
Do I have to use the PSM mode of BG77 during this time to reduce the power consumption of the modem, too?