RAK4631 RUI Pinout

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@beegee apologies for re-opening this, but after a little more investigation I think there may still be some information missing that would go a long way towards convenience for your customers using the stamp module.

You indicated a great graphic in the link above, however it does not appear to show which pins are what pin number as the RUI 3 API takes them via the arduino IDE.

For example, P1.04 is physical pin 28, but you must call digitalWrite(36, val) to write to that pin. It would be great if there was an updated graphic that had the digital pin assignment as well as the physical and port information for each pin as is used by RUI3 / Arduino API.

So far I’ve had to essentially go through probing each pin with a multimeter to figure out which pin is which, would like to spare others from the same fate!

Hi @cmod ,

I definitely agree on you with this. We already updated our documentation to show this better and examples can be found in the RAK4630 quick start guide IO pins section.

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