RAK4631 RUI3 Conversion to RUI2

I upgraded one RAK4631 ro RUI3 and I need to downgrade it to RUI2.
How I do it?

HI @J.Daniel ,

RAK4630 doesn’t support RUI V2. Maybe you mean Arduino BSP.

Here’s the guide how you can convert using USB connection - Device Firmware Upgrade | RAKwireless Documentation Center

I have a RAK10700 that I upgraded to RUI3 just to try to convert my app to RUI3 but I need to return the device to original status
The WisBlock is a RAK4630.
When I try to use the guide all the images are not shown, like erased.
If i try to use adafruitnrfutil and DFU upload old bootlodader I get the error below.

Working on it. Some problem with the web server for the doc center.,