RAK4631 RUI3 not working

I updated my RAK4631 from the normal “Arduino” to RUI3. Now the uploads with the Arduino IDE work (after pressing the reset buttons two times fast) but the code does not work an the USB device disappears.

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?

lsusb output(after 2 reset button presses)
ID 1915:521f Nordic Semiconductor ASA Open DFU Bootloader

Arduino upload output

Sketch uses 327608 bytes (58%) of program storage space. Maximum is 557056 bytes.
Global variables use 89928 bytes (43%) of dynamic memory, leaving 116520 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 206448 bytes.
2022-12-30 13:45:18,202 Using board at serial port: /dev/ttyACM0
2022-12-30 13:45:18,204 Sending Application image.
2022-12-30 13:45:21,727 Serial: Unexpected Executed OP_CODE.
Expected: 0x09 Received: 0x0D
2022-12-30 13:45:21,727 Serial: Set Packet Receipt Notification 0
2022-12-30 13:45:21,729 Sending init packet…
2022-12-30 13:45:21,729 Serial: Selecting Object: type:1
2022-12-30 13:45:21,730 Serial: Object selected: max_size:512 offset:0 crc:0
2022-12-30 13:45:21,730 Serial: Streaming Data: len:141 offset:0 crc:0x00000000
2022-12-30 13:45:21,922 Sending firmware file…
2022-12-30 13:45:21,923 Serial: Selecting Object: type:2
2022-12-30 13:45:21,924 Serial: Object selected: max_size:4096 offset:0 crc:0
2022-12-30 13:45:22,010 Serial: Streaming Data: len:4096 offset:0 crc:0x00000000
2022-12-30 13:45:22,168 Serial: Streaming Data: len:4096 offset:4096 crc:0x9EF8319A

2022-12-30 13:45:34,519 Serial: Streaming Data: len:1848 offset:327680 crc:0xF35EB075
2022-12-30 13:45:35,553 Image sent in 13.824426174163818s
Device programmed.
CompletedProcess(args=[’/home/jonas/.arduino15/packages/rak_rui/tools/pc-nrfutil/v6.1.3/nrfutil’, ‘-v’, ‘-v’, ‘-v’, ‘dfu’, ‘serial’, ‘–package’, ‘/tmp/arduino_build_807922/LoRaWan_OTAA.ino.zip’, ‘-p’, ‘/dev/ttyACM0’, ‘-b’, ‘115200’], returncode=0)

Welcome to RAK forum @jonas .

It seems that your RAK4631-R had a successful upload from Arduino IDE. Can you try to upload a basic LED blinking (with Serial print) first before the LoRaWAN example? Does the RAK4631-R respond to AT commands?

Hello Carl,

thank you for your quick reply. I already tried the Blink example and the leds do not blink and the upload only works once. After that the Device also does not show up in lsusb any more. So i can not access the serial Port (same thing when using the Serial example). The device is also not detected in the WisToolBox. My theory is, that no code gets executed. I can measure the power consumption an also have an oscilloscope so if that would help you to get debug information let me know. The device also shows up in the NRF connect programmer if i double press the power button if that helps(picture attached)