RAK4631 - USB AT Command

Hi there,
Can you please confirm whether it is possible to use AT commands with RAK4631 with PC connected to USB port on the RAK5005-O WisBlock Base?

I’ve tried with the RAK4631 running normally and in bootloader/UF2 mode (Double click RESET) with no luck.


  1. The firmware on my RAK4631 is version 6.1.1, date: Jun 16 2020.
  2. Can upload code using Arduino IDE with no issues.
  3. I’ve also tried to configure the RAK4631 using WIS Toolbox and Bluetooth, but this didn’t work with the software getting stuck trying to Sync to the RAK. I’ve also tried using PC with WIS Toolbox installed on WIN10, but this also didn’t work. My PC/Phone are around 4 yrs old so it could just be that they aren’t compatible with BLE?

Any help would be much appreciated

I think that’s only possible with the RAK4631-R (RUI).

Why do you want to do AT commands if i may ask?

RAK4631-R RUI3 has built in AT commands
RAK4631 Arduino doesn’t have built in AT commands

But you can combine RAK4631 with my WisBlock-API which has AT commands integrated. You build your app on top of the WisBlock-API and similar to RUI3, WisBlock API has LoRa and LoRaWAN support built in, AT commands, low power features. But it is not as good as our RUI3.

Thankyou both for your feedback and will have a look at the API referred to in the response above.

As for my reason for wanting to use AT Commands, it was so that I could enter the App credentials without having to hard code the in my Arduino code running the risk of duplicating them when applying the code to many devices.

I also came across some example code that contained the following disclaimer in the code prior to configuring the App credentials.

Optional hard-coded LoRaWAN credentials for OTAA and ABP.
It is strongly recommended to avoid duplicated node credentials
Options to setup credentials are

  • over USB with AT commands
  • over BLE with My nRF52 Toolbox

I quite liked the idea and just wanted to see if it was possible using the RAK4631, but it sounds like I’d have to create some custom AT Commands to replicate this.

I have unsuccessfully tried to use the WIS Toolbox Android app to set the App credentials, but although I could see the BLE device in the App I wasn’t able to connect to it. Do you know whether the RAK4631 (non R model) is compatible with the WIS Toolbox application?

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About WisToolBox, that is only working with RUI3 devices. It is not compatible with my WisBlock-API. But I have my own WisBlock Toolbox (confusing with the names, I know, but WisBlock Toolbox is actually longer available than the RUI3 WisToolBox). => https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tk.giesecke.wisblock_toolbox

My Toolbox includes LoRa/LoRaWAN setup, device firmware update over BLE and an BLE Serial Terminal that works with WisBlock-API

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Thankyou for you help beegee.

Just for completeness, and by coincidence, it looks like the comment that i referred to relating to API credentials was in the article that you wrote for the WIS Block API and Platform IO below:)

beegee-tokyo/WisBlock-API: A library that covers the complete LoRa… (platformio.org)

The reason that I was looking at this article was because i was trying to figure out how to implement another event handler that would be triggered by an a sensor to send a message as well as having the periodic handler i.e. I’d like to implement a message for a change event on the sensor and then putt he RX4631 back into a low power state. However, I’ll leave this query for another topic.

Kind Regards

:grin: Just for clearance:

The README refers to

WisBlock Toolbox

While the RUI3 tool (which was released months after I published my own tool) is


Sorry, I have one final question regarding the RAK4630 WisBlock module.

Is there a physical difference between say the RAK4631(H) and RAK4631-R and if not, is it possible to convert my RAK4631(H) modules to the RAK6431-R Low Power variant by loading different firmware?


Looking at the firmware update instruction for the RAK4631-R, it does look like you can update the firmware on the RAK4631 WisBlock Core to RAK4631-R which supports RUI3 and vice-versa.

Hello Greg,

There is no difference in the hardware between a RAK4631(H) and a RAK4631-R module.
You can at any time switch from Arduino to RUI3:
Updating RAK4631 to RUI3
Converting RAK4631-R to RAK4631