RAK4631 with 5811 to switch led on switch

Hi , I’m wanting to use a pushbutton switch which has incorporated led ring around the button to indicate power or activity. I’m using pin A1 on the 5811 to measure 0-5v from an ultrasonic. My question is what’s the best way to indicate via the led on the switch activity? Can I use the A0 pin (Which looks like it’s IO4)? My plan is to simply flash the led when the device is first started (button pressed), and then a couple of flashes when a measurement is being taken. If I can’t use the A0, I assume I’m going to have to solder to IO1 or IO2 on the baseboard?

Hi @Andy ,

The best way in my opinion is still use IO1 on the baseboard. I will avoid using IO2 as it controls the supply on sensor slots (in case you might add one in the future).

Although A0 input of the terminal block is connected to IO4, it still goes to a series of analog circuit which might behave unpredictable in some cases if we forced it to function as digital circuit. It will go on the middle range of the voltage rails instead of a hard positive and ground potential.

Thanks @carlrowan, but wouldn’t this also cause problems potentially on the RAK5811, as the IO2 is used to power the 12V?
It does fix that it for me (I’m not using 12v), but if I was using the 12V, both IO1 and IO2 would be taken. Would there be an alternative in this scenario?
Thanks so much for the assistance.