RAK4631 without Arduino

Hello. We are looking to start a project using WisBlock components (specifically the 4630 core) and I am being asked by our firmware developers if it is possible to remove the dependency on Arduino. Our other projects are running on custom hardware with firmware developed in either Keil or Atmel Studio and they would like to continue using those platforms. I don’t recall exactly where on the RAK website we saw this, but it mentions that others (Keil being one) can be used when needed for larger projects. We could not find any information on this though.

Any information / guidance is appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

Welcome to the forum @jn.rakforum

Yes, it is possible to use other IDE’s like Keil or Segger Studio, but we do not give support for these IDE.

We have customers that are using these IDE’s with success, the support we can give is regarding the hardware connection of the SX1262 to the nRF52, but we have no other supporting documents.